Marshfield Area Friends of the Trail

Why Trails?

Trails encourage physical fitness and wellness; accommodating walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and rollerbladers.

Trails provide safe transportation to area businesses, schools, and parks.

Trails allow you to enjoy the beauty of our central Wisconsin community.

Trails protect and preserve our environment for our future and the future of those we love.

Marshfield Area Trails:

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  • Airport Connector Trail -
    • Is a 10' wide asphalt trail connecting 29th Street to the Wildwood Park Trail near the elk pen.
  • Galvin Ave Trail -
    • Is a 10' wide, one mile asphalt trail paralleling Galvin Road between 4th Street and Becker Road and a 4' wide bike lane between Becker Road and Highway 97.
  • Griese Park Trail -
    • Located at Griese Park, 1001 E. 29th Street, this trail is 3/4 mile, 8' wide asphalt surface.
  • Greenway Trail -
    • Located on the west side of Pecan Parkway between Washington Avenue and 17th Street, the trail is .5 miles long and has a widened asphalt shoulder.
  • Hamus Nature Preserve Trail -
    • Located at 210 Wilderness View Drive, just north of V&H Ford on the city's north side. It includes over one mile of asphalt trails and other amenitites including a shelter house, ponds, restrooms, and other natural surface trails.
  • Hewitt-Marsh Trail -
    • The Hewitt-Marsh Trail is a recycled asphalt trail, 10 feet wide, from the Yellowstone Recreational Park in the Village of Hewitt to Stadt road. The trail is approximately 1.5 miles long.
  • McMillan Marsh Trail -
    • Located north of Marshfield off Mann road at the McMillan Marsh Wildlife Area, this trail is 6.25 miles, with a surface combination of crushed lime and gravel. The trail is onpen May 1st until September 1st.
  • Mill Creek Trail -
    • Located on the south side of Marshfield in the Mill Creek Business Park. The preferred access to the trail is at 29th Street and Apple Avenue, but you can also access the business park from Cherry Avenue, Commerce Drive, and Hwy 10. This trail has a 10' wide asphalt surface, 2.6 miles long.
  • Prairie Run Trail -
    • Located at the intersection of Adams Avenue and McMillan Street, this trail is a 10' wide asphalt trail that is planned to run through the new Prairie Run development. Currently a 1/4 mile of the trail has been constructed.
  • UW Arboretum Trail -
    • Located at the west end of 8th Street, this trail is approximately two miles long and has a granite surface. Bicycles are not allowed.
  • UW Arboretum Connector Trail -
    • Located at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and 11th Street near Washington Elementary School, this trail connects to the UW Arboretum Trail. The connector trail features a gravel surface.
  • Veterans Parkway Trail -
    • Located along the south side of Veterans Parkway between Oak Avenue and 29th Street, this trail has a 10' wide asphalt surface, 3 miles long.
  • Weber Park Trail -
    • This 37 - acre city park can be accessed at the corner of Holly Avenue and the end of West 5th Street. The park includes a blacktopped parking lot, blacktopped trail for two blocks between 5th Street and Adler Road, and a one acre nature pond. Other natural surface trails have been brushed and cleared throughout the park.
  • Wildwood Park Trail -
    • Over 3 miles of asphalt and granite trails and park roads at Wildwood Park and Zoo, 1800 S. Central Avenue.
  • Wildwood Station Trail -
    • Just over 1.25 miles in length Wildwood Station consists of a 10' wide asphalt trail between Sycamore and Oak Avenue. It connects to Steven J. Miller Recreation Area & Veterans Parkway Trail. Plans call for the trail eventually be extended south to Wildwood Park and north to McMillan Trail.